Here are the best dang bunch of reviews you can find! We even review VMU games and Demo disks. As far as I know, we are the only ones who do this, so enjoy.

Most of the reviews are in the new format, they will each be rated in 5 different catagories, and then a final rating will be given to them.

Game Review % Reviewer
Blue Stinger 84% VGAce
Hydro Thunder 76% EvilSakura
Marvel vs Capcom 60% Sega-Freak
Power Stone 76% EvilSakura
Ready 2 Rumble 88% MattD
SEGA Sports NBA 2K 84% MattD
SEGA Sports NFL 2K 96% Sonysbad
SEGA Rally 2 88% Sage
Sonic Adventure 84% Sonysbad
Soul Calibur 92% Sega-Freak
Speed Devils 88% Sage
The House of the Dead 2 68% VGAce
Toy Commander 80% VGAce
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 84% Sonysbad
WWF Attitude 56% Sega-Freak
VMU Game Review % Reviewer
Chao Adventure 60% Sonysbad
Falcon's Areial Adventure 64% Shinji
VMU Football 54% Sonysbad
Demo Disk Review % Reviewer
Official Dreamcast Magazine Demo #3 68% VGAce
Peripheral Review % Reviewer
Concept 4 Racing Wheel (InterAct) 85% Sonysbad
Fission Fishing Controller (InterAct) 68% VGAce