Metropolis Street Racer

Metropolis Street Racer (MSR) has quickly become one of the most anticipated Dreamcast games ever. While the gameplay is supposed to be mostly arcade, Bizarre Creations has released pictures showing cars with license plates that say "GT WHO" (if you dont get that, it stands for Gran Turismo, if you don't know what that is, go jump out a window).

The graphics in MSR are, so far, outstanding. Drawing more than 2 million polygons per second on screen, the cars alone are sculpted out of 3 thousand polygons it shows. The team working on the game has reportedly gone to the cities (listed below) and studied maps so they can make accurate models of them in the game. Special effects like the blur you see from lights at night and weather conditions are supposedly getting attention to detail as well.

Also, Bizzare Creations has made sure the game is accurate in the sound department. Recording hundreds of different cars sounds from engines, to squeals. There is going to be a varied soundtrack of techno and dance songs.

The game is set in America, Japan, and the UK. Cities include San Francisco, Tokyo, and London, although more may be included. About 30 cars will also be selectable, from such automobile makers as Toyota, Mazda, TVR, Honda, Mercedes, Peugeot, Jensen, Alfa Romeo, Renault, Rover, Ford, and Mitsubishi. But enough of my babbling, on to the screenshots!

(Sorry for the poor quality of screens, but we are almost out of space, but don't worry, we will have our own domain with 200 MB of space in about a week ~Sonysbad)